Marshmallow Fever is officially on hiatus. For the past 2 months, I’ve tried to figure out some way I could continue posting regularly and as I’m sure you’ve noticed by the lack of new posts, I just simply don’t have the time. I went back to school this fall and while it is great, it is also incredibly intense and all-consuming. I’m definitely planning on getting back to Marshmallow Fever in the future and in the meantime, I hope you’ll utilize the archives and links. AND check out my new tumblr blog (MUCH easier posting!) which will simply be a gallery of stuff I see and like with very little narrative (if any):

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More from the UK!

jam.This + clotted cream + scone = best thing ever.

Great Court at the British MuseumMore views from the Great Court at the British Museum.

Elderly People crossing.Elderly people crossing in Moreton-In-Marsh.

The Marshmallow.The Marshmallow in Moreton-In-Marsh.

Thought so. Have been in London for the past few days with spotty internet access- in the Cotswalds now with great internet access. Who knew? Anyway, it was my first time in London and I loved it. SO much history but also such a modern and well designed city. Here are a few “design highlights”: (mostly London but also included are a couple taken today in the Cotswalds…)

Tower of LondonDetail at the Tower of London complex, though I think from the restoration work done in the 1800’s under Queen Victoria as the “V R” was her insignia.

Millenium BridgeMillenium Bridge, which opened 2 months late in June of 2000, was closed 3 days later for modifications and reopened in February of 2002.

Garden Cafe at Buckingham PalaceSummer opening of the Staterooms at Buckingham Palace.

D'Oyly Carte Poster Displayed at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Ringling Bros posterAlso displayed at the Victoria & Albert museum. Excellent book shop at the V & A, by the way.

Great Court at the British MuseumCeiling/ roof of the Great Court at the British Museum

More to follow…



Found via TweeLass, a stamp map of the world by UK based designer Marc Alcock. So cool.



Just discovered Ninainvorm via Oh Joy!.  Love!



I love GOOD Magazine. I was reminded about their Transparency column by design work life yesterday. The entire magazine is incredibly well designed, but the Transparency column is a special highlight. Done in collaboration with a different designer each month,  infographics are used to address current issues. The archives are here in the GOOD flickr set. Take a look.

I know you’ve been waiting for this and now, it’s official. Beets & Bears is open for business!

Beets & Bears is my NEW website and Etsy shop. I’ve previously written about Marshmallow Fever, my other (soon-to-be-opened) Etsy shop and website for screen printed goods. This is a new online space for interesting and unique (non-screen printed) handmade accessories. You’ll find things like the I Love Math Necklace and the Super Trouper Necklace with additional pieces added all the time.  Enter MARSHFEEV in the “message to seller” at checkout for a 10% discount.



So, Help Remedies (that’s have been popping up all over the internet- spotted it most recently on yes, please– mostly due to their super fun and witty packaging.  Observe:

The best thing though, on their website, is a tab called “bored?” which gives you the option to click on “help I’m bored“. Here you will find things like “Help. I don’t know what to do for my birthday” or “Help. I don’t know where I am” or “Help. I forgot someone’s name”. Click on your particular issue and a screen pops up with help. I can’t really do it justice here- you just have to click through and discover for yourself. It’s really quite awesome.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a big fan of Design Sponge. Beautiful site, great content- can’t get enough! I’ve seen the individual Design Guide posts often and always take a quick look- I don’t travel all that much but the guides are very thoughtful and detailed and always authored by someone who is familiar with the area that is being discussed. Today I saw the Portland, Oregon guide go up and then I realized there is actually a “Guides” tab on the site that takes you to a library of  domestic and international design guides. Of course you’ve got Brooklyn, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, Paris, Milan and Tokyo but also Detroit, Baltimore, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Madison, Charlotte and more. Whether you’ve got a trip planned in the near future or not, these guides are definitely worth checking out.

via lazlo-photo on flickr

Via Boing Boing and Dezeen, Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz.

Check out the Dezeen link for more pics and a full description of how it works.

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