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Print by Cody Hudson, via design*sponge. Get it here. Advertisements

There’s an amazing company in New York called the Story Pirates (Full disclosure: I have a couple close friends who are involved in this organization). You can get more info on them (The Story Pirates, not my friends) by going to If you’re in New York City area (or will be on October 26th), […]

1. Alternative Apparel shipment that should arrive today. 2. My classes at Parsons that start next week. 3. The Calendar Round Up at decor8. 4. Newly released Domino: The Book of Decorating. 5. New shampoo combination that makes my hair look better than anything else I’ve used in the last 6 months: Paul Mitchell Tea […]

Like, seriously.



Here’s a great how-to from Craft Leftovers on how to make your own small gift boxes. Downloadable templates so that you can just print, cut, fold and tape or glue. I have a feeling you could probably resize the print for gift boxes in a variety of sizes. Get it HERE.



It’s just fun to say: Conglomerfont! Say it with me now: Conglomerfont! Conglomerfont! CONGLOMERFONT! Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way,  I just want to direct your attention to bittbox, one of my favorite blogs, where you can download the brand new Conglomerfont. Here’s how Jay Hilgert from bittbox describes it: Conglomerfont […]