I love GOOD Magazine. I was reminded about their Transparency column by design work life yesterday. The entire magazine is incredibly well designed, but the Transparency column is a special highlight. Done in collaboration with a different designer each month,  infographics are used to address current issues. The archives are here in the GOOD flickr […]



Ok- so I’ve actually known about this for a while and have been meaning to write about it here for several months. Sorry for holding out on you. Did you know that you can design your own Converse? As I write this, I’m wearing a pair of light grey Converse Chuck Taylors which were incredibly […]

While I can’t really wrap my mind around the volume of information (both true and false) that can be found on the internet, I still love the fact that the information is available (the true stuff, anyway). I split much of my time this weekend between itunes U and TED talks and today I’ve been […]

How about neither? These were all over the internet 2 weeks ago because of Earth Day but definitely still relevant today for 2 reasons: 1: They look good (I must have the blue chevron one!) 2: Skipping the plastic bag at the market/ deli/ bookstore/ target/ wherever is one of the easist things you can […]



… about this:

(** Sorry for the full screen view of a wide screen trailer…)



Hope everyone had lovely holidays. I had a great time in Mississippi and California and had lots of time to think up great blog posts- still working on how to incorporate the time to post into daily life, but it’s an appropriate time for resolutions and I  feel like I’m getting there.  SO… there’s lots […]

Should I just rename this feature “Etsy Thursdays?” Oh well- better a day late than never, right? I’ve already highlighted a couple of great prints in Etsy Wednesday Volumes 1 and 2, but Etsy is such a treasure-trove of unique, affordable art that I could fill an entire blog (for months!) with the beautiful prints […]

In honor of fashion week- which officially begins tomorrow- here are links to some of my favorite fashion blogs: fashionista the cut nitrolicious fabsugar topbutton refinery29 * Enjoy! *

It happens to the best of us. Whether you are a musician, an actor, a poet, a sculptor, a painter or filmmaker, chances are, at one time or another you’ll find yourself in a creative slump. CraftStylish contributer Jeffrey Rudell has a great post about how he recently found himself in a slump and how […]