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Confession: I love Ikea. Love the catalog, love the meatballs, love Ikea. It’s not the last word in design, but there’s definitely a place for it. I have really strong feelings about good design being affordable and available for the masses and Ikea is certainly a leader in that arena. My apartment (and budget!) are […]



Here’s a great how-to from Craft Leftovers on how to make your own small gift boxes. Downloadable templates so that you can just print, cut, fold and tape or glue. I have a feeling you could probably resize the print for gift boxes in a variety of sizes. Get it HERE.



Print Liberation, that is. I’m currently working on a huge screenprinting project and I’ll definitely have more to post about that later, but I definitely wanted to highlight this book: I already knew the basics of screenprinting, but this book is incredibly informative and helpful and the design of the book itself is super cool. […]

The fact that the major printer companies have their own websites with paper focused craft projects isn’t really a new story, however it was news to me (via this post at How About Orange) that some of the projects were for grown ups! After perusing the Canon Creative Park, I headed over to the the […]



Via SuperNaturale. From Compai Clothing- directions for making this awesome t-shirt. It involves machine-sewing, but with a little patience (ok, maybe A LOT of patience!), you could probably do this by hand as well. I haven’t tried this yet, but I definitely plan to- I’m thinking in it would also be great in black. Complete […]