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I love GOOD Magazine. I was reminded about their Transparency column by design work life yesterday. The entire magazine is incredibly well designed, but the Transparency column is a special highlight. Done in collaboration with a different designer each month,  infographics are used to address current issues. The archives are here in the GOOD flickr […]



So, Help Remedies (that’s have been popping up all over the internet- spotted it most recently on yes, please– mostly due to their super fun and witty packaging.  Observe: The best thing though, on their website, is a tab called “bored?” which gives you the option to click on “help I’m bored“. Here you will […]

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a big fan of Design Sponge. Beautiful site, great content- can’t get enough! I’ve seen the individual Design Guide posts often and always take a quick look- I don’t travel all that much but the guides are very thoughtful and detailed and always authored by someone who […]

But I think I would be willing to suffer for this one: From Shlomit Ofir on Etsy.



Ok- so I’ve actually known about this for a while and have been meaning to write about it here for several months. Sorry for holding out on you. Did you know that you can design your own Converse? As I write this, I’m wearing a pair of light grey Converse Chuck Taylors which were incredibly […]

This is amazing. Seriously, I can’t stand it. Saw it first on the SCOOP. This was a school project done by Alex Cornell over the course of the spring semester- a complete identity and collateral materials for a hypothetical Wes Anderson film festival. Lots of pics as well as links to posts describing the designer’s […]

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to tell all of you  about FOUND, an unbelievably cool multi-media theatrical event that is happening in NYC this weekend, presented in conjunction with The Story Pirates. Have you heard about FOUND? FOUND magazine? The FOUND books? Basically, they collect things people find- notes, receipts, […]

Yes. It’s spelled FLOR. And it’s for your floor. FLOR carpet tiles aren’t exactly new news, but I love these Alexander Girard tiles that they’ve just come out with (via Design Milk): Also, interesting and inspiring TED talk from Ray Anderson, the founder of Interface (the company that makes FLOR) about sustainable business practices and […]

While I can’t really wrap my mind around the volume of information (both true and false) that can be found on the internet, I still love the fact that the information is available (the true stuff, anyway). I split much of my time this weekend between itunes U and TED talks and today I’ve been […]

How about neither? These were all over the internet 2 weeks ago because of Earth Day but definitely still relevant today for 2 reasons: 1: They look good (I must have the blue chevron one!) 2: Skipping the plastic bag at the market/ deli/ bookstore/ target/ wherever is one of the easist things you can […]