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Print Liberation, that is. I’m currently working on a huge screenprinting project and I’ll definitely have more to post about that later, but I definitely wanted to highlight this book: I already knew the basics of screenprinting, but this book is incredibly informative and helpful and the design of the book itself is super cool. […]



Yes. I’ve gotten off track. But I am currently getting several incredibly exciting posts together and will publish as soon as possible. In the meantime, please check out some of my favorite blogs… design*sponge the SCOOP oh joy! coco + kelley Enjoy! Back soon…



Ok. I’m off to Napa Valley for a wedding. Not sure if I have ever been more excited for a weekend. Fashion week is over so no more excuses- getting back to posting on a more regular schedule next week. Happy Friday!

Should I just rename this feature “Etsy Thursdays?” Oh well- better a day late than never, right? I’ve already highlighted a couple of great prints in Etsy Wednesday Volumes 1 and 2, but Etsy is such a treasure-trove of unique, affordable art that I could fill an entire blog (for months!) with the beautiful prints […]

ETSY Wendesday coming soon… longest… week… ever…

I’m loving these dresses- if I could have all 4, I think I’d be set for the year! You can find them all at Anthropologie.

In honor of fashion week- which officially begins tomorrow- here are links to some of my favorite fashion blogs: fashionista the cut nitrolicious fabsugar topbutton refinery29 * Enjoy! *

I can’t really explain my affinity for owls. Not actual, live owls- I’ve never been, like, owl-watching or anything, but for some reason I just really like owl graphics- they’re sort of cute but also quirky and kind of retro and modern at the same time. Currently, one of my favorite t-shirts is covered in […]

Just FYI- I’ve had a little trouble getting back into the swing of things after the holiday weekend AND fashion week starts tomorrow which means it is super busy at work. But don’t despair! Etsy Wednesday (on Thursday, obviously. Better late than never) will be up later as well as some insight into what blogs […]