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… I watched Man On Wire. I should have been sleeping and really only planned on watching for a few minutes, but it sucked me in. It was interesting and inspiring and I sort of wanted to rewind it and watch it again immediately. The next day I found this interview with Philippe Petit. Great […]

Yes- you read that right. I’ll get around to posting a picture eventually. ANYWAY, I thought that I had already seen these back in November on design*sponge. Upon further investigation, I realized I had actually seen these beautiful books. (Which would also look so good on my organized-by-color bookshelf!). I was excited to learn this […]



Via Apartment Therapy from d.Sharp Journal, some fun ideas for wrapping gifts. My favorite:



I’m trying not to let my sometimes lack of patience for writing and typing hold up posting, so I’m just going to direct you right on over to decor8 where there is a great interview with Elizabeth MacCrellish, founder and director of Squam Art Workshops. I first read about Squam Art Workshops on design*sponge here […]

Via the SCOOP, Jason Munn & his independent design studio THE SMALL STAKES. Check out the portfolio section and get your own piece of The Small Stakes in the poster shop. Love it.

See more here…



… when I’m tired and it’s cold outside and life gets me down, I think of Palm Springs and Elmer’s and replicating this scene: and then I feel better. Yes, that thing is larger than a frisbee and yes, it is the best breakfast food you will ever have.



Confession: I love Ikea. Love the catalog, love the meatballs, love Ikea. It’s not the last word in design, but there’s definitely a place for it. I have really strong feelings about good design being affordable and available for the masses and Ikea is certainly a leader in that arena. My apartment (and budget!) are […]